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Welcome to the Music World of Paul Kinny
Video Exclusive from gizmag.com- Leonard Grigoryan tests Paul Kinny's Stereo Acoustic Guitar
Leonard Grigoryan tests the Sterio Acoustic

Listen to the following mp3 sound files as played by Leonard.

The KINNY Stereo Acoustic Guitar
As seen on the ABC television program "The New Inventors" 11/2/2009.

Listen to Bruce Mathiske play pauls guitars

Paul lives on a property overlooking Oxley Wild Rivers National Park in N.S.W. Australia. From the highest point on the property Charley Hill, he can see over 100 kms, north to Point Lookout and also to the east over gorges and valleys to where the famous Australian, Slim Dusty was born.
Since leaving Conservatorium he has always been involved in the creative side of music: song writing, instrument making and recording.
Paul makes some of the most original and unique sounding instruments in the country.

Watch a movie clip of Paul, building a house in his own individual style and ingenious methodology as he uses building instruments. In this case he is using a "Truss Lifter" an invention of his .mov or .wmv format.