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The Joe Hoover University Entry Exam
Ars Gratia Artis (Art for Art's Sake)

  Who am I?

  1 My 6th letter is actually not a letter but "that" between my ears.
  2 My 5th letter is a question.
  3 Counting the space, my 12th letter is the first half of the 88th symbol.
  4 My 10th letter is small green and round ...... normally twice a day or more.
  5 My 7th letter is where I go swimming.
  6 My 1st letter is instead of coffee.
  7 My 4th letter is a twin.
  8 My 3rd letter is a symbol of a corporate junk food empire.
  9 My 11th letter .... not she but ....
  10 The remaining letters ..... I am part of a foot, but with a silent T.

ENTRY QUESTION (The Joe Hoover University requires
a correct or unique or creative answer to this question.)

WHAT DOES THE 88th Symbol mean?

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