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Stereo Baritone 2 Tonewoods.

Here is a stereo baritone, Note the two different tonewoods used for the soundboards.
Very old Californian Redwood for the bass side and Western Red Cedar for the treble.
The overall tone is deeper and somewhat smoother.
John Butler's choice.

A 3 way K and K Pure Western P/U system has been installed for 'live' performances.
3 separate volume controls driving 3 separate outputs create the opportunity for unique sonic experiences.
One transducer is placed underneath the lowest 2 strings ....... 
another under the 2 middle strings ...... and another under the 2 highest strings.
There is a certain amount of 'bleed through' from each pick/up, so using one pick/up on it's own is effective.
When the 3 separate outputs are put into a mixer, panning / eq / reverb etc.  are now available to the player.
Panning L / R/ Middle creates an effective 'quasi stereo' effect.
This 3 way system lifts this instrument above all others when a 'live' performance is required.

In acoustic mode the stereo baritone allows the player to sit in the instrument.
Like all stereo acoustic guitars the sounds 'swim in your head'.

In the studio, the recording options are many.
Close miked at each soundboard ....... miked at each soundhole ....... transducer inclusion........ etc.

When the signals are panned ...... 'sonic gold' is realised.