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STEREO Pick-Up Bass Guitar
Here is the latest bass  guitar. The sound-board is Western Red Cedar.
The bracing is standard configuration ...... however Balsa / Western Red braces are employed.

The resultant overall tone is  typical of an acoustic bass .....  however player comments have been encouraging. One well known producer said ' it would record well'.

A 2 way K and K Pure Western P/U system has been installed for 'live'  performances.
2 separate volume controls driving 2 separate outputs create the opportunity for unique sonic experiences.
Two transducers i placed underneath the lowest 2 strings .......  another two under the 2 highest strings.

There is a certain amount of 'bleed through' from each pick/up, so using one output on it's own is effective.
When the 2 separate outputs are put into a mixer, panning / eq  etc.  
are now available to the player.
Panning L / R creates an effective 'quasi stereo' effect.
This 2 way system lifts this instrument above all others when a 'live' performance is required.

This particular instrument can be played in sitting position as well as standing.
The visual impact has been noted.